Thanks to the fact that I work for a really innovative app analytics company called Appsee, I spend every day looking at mobile apps. Now when I look out into the world, all I see are apps.

It got me wondering, what if Donald Trump was an app? Here’s what I came up with:


1. App Store Page

trump app


2. Preview

Screen_2__Rate_This_App (3)


3. App Reviews

Screen_4__Ratings_and_Comments (3)


4. Similar Apps

Screen_3__Similar_Apps (3)


5. Welcome Screen

Screen_5__Welcome_Screen (3)


6. Onboarding

Screen_6_Onboarding_1 (3)


7. Onboarding Slide #2

Screen_7__Onboarding_2 (3)


8. Onboarding Slide #3

Screen_8_Onboarding_3 (3)


9. Onboarding Slide #4

Screen_9__Onboarding_4 (2)


10. Aren’t the navigation buttons too…? Nevermind

Screen_9b__Start_Using_the_App (1)


11. Push notifications

Screen_10b__Push_notifications (4)-min


12. More push notifications

Screen_10c__Home_screen_issues (3)-min


13. Sure, I’ll rate your app

Screen_10d__User_Feedback (3)-min


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