Another year has come and gone! 2017 was an exciting and eventful year for us, filled with new robust integrations, unprecedented industry reports, and powerful alerts, tracking, and detection updates.

Yet that was just the “warm-up”. We’re going to really ramp things up in 2018.

To start, we’ve decided to ring in the New Year with not one, but four powerful new Appsee features. Check them out:


ANR (App Not Responding) Analytics

new appsee features 1

‘Application Not Responding’ is a state in which the app is frozen and does not respond to any user input. This can have a direct effect on conversion rates, retention rates, and overall user experience. Unlike unresponsive gestures which are attributed to a design decision (e.g. an image that mistakenly looks like a tappable button), ANRs usually occur due to long running code that freezes the “UI thread”.

Appsee detects app freezes that last more than five seconds, and shows these both on an individual session level and within screen-level aggregated reports. Accordingly, we have also enriched our ‘Crashes’ section so that it is now entitled ‘Issues’ and contains both crashes and ANRs. Now you can quickly and clearly identify which screens have ANR issues, manage their status (resolved/closed), and add comments for team members, just as you could with crash issues.

While Google Play Developer Console can also track ANR states, Appsee is the only mobile app analytics platform in the industry that is able to provide ANR data along with visual user session insights. Appsee’s ANR tracking is available for both iOS and Android apps (2.3.3 for Android, 2.3.5 for iOS).


Offline Tracking [Beta]

new appsee features 2

Appsee’s new offline tracking support will enable you to strategically plan and control your offline session settings. What are offline sessions? These are sessions that occur when users are without connectivity (e.g. flight mode) or on a poor cellular network.

With Appsee’s offline tracking, you can select in advance which specific tracking settings should be applied to offline sessions. Appsee can store settings from the latest online sessions on-device and reuse them for future offline sessions. You can also download predefined “fallback” settings, which will be added to your project and shipped with the app, to be used in cases there were never any online sessions.

Now you can ensure that all of your offline sessions will be tracked and edit your tracking settings with more ease and efficiency. 

Interested in trying out our Offline Tracking? Email your customer success manager to get started.


State/Region Analytics and Filtering

new appsee features 3

We’ve renamed our ‘Countries’ analytics to ‘Geographic’ and added some new capabilities. Now you can go beyond the country level and dissect app usage by state/region. To zoom into a country, click either on the map or on the country’s name within the legend. In conjunction, we’ve also updated our session filters, enabling you to apply more granular geo filters, including ‘State/Region’ and ‘Cities’.

new Appsee features 4


Optimizely X Support

Take your A/B tests to the next level thanks to our new support for Optimizely’s Optimizely X platform. By integrating Appsee and Optimizely X, your user sessions will be enriched with events from activated experiments. Appsee will also track any experiement events that are triggered. You will also be able to analyze and compare different screen variants within Appsee. You can find more details on the integration here.


If you have any questions/feedback regarding our new features or even want to simply send a New Year’s “hello”, we would love to hear from you

Don’t have an account with Appsee? No problem. Treat yourself this New Year to a 14-day free trial.

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