Rebecca is a Senior Android Developer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She loves working with new technology and has a passion for making great user friendly products. During the day she works on adding new features to apps. In her spare time, she manages her open source app, Book Dash, which contains free African story books. She speaks at conferences and local meetups mainly about Android. When not coding, she can be found baking and travelling the world. Follow her on Twitter and visit her blog.

What did you do before you were a mobile developer? And how did you get into the field?

I was working on a couple of different projects before becoming a full time android developer, I worked on APIs and front end websites with Spring. I got into Android when I was first in university, I had an Android phone and wanted to make something for it. After making my first game, I was hooked. After developing with a few other technologies, I knew that I preferred Android.

What was your favorite project to work on and why?

My favourite project that I have worked on has been my most recent app that I have developed that is purely for my personal use. An Electricity monitoring app using Android Things, it indicates to me when I have power at home and when I don’t. Its open source and can be found here.

What are your favorite tools to use on a daily basis?

Android Studio, Slack and Github.

Do you have some tips for junior developers new to the profession?

Read! Consume all the content available to you, it will ensure you stay up to date with latest trends and it will make you a better developer.

What are your 3 top favorite apps?

Instagram, Lightroom and IFTTT.

What are your favorite blogs, websites, podcasts to follow as a developer?

My favourite is, it has a weekly summary with the best content.

Favourite podcasts are:

If you didn’t work in mobile, what would be your dream job?

A pastry chef, I would love to be baking and making beautiful looking desserts!

Thank you for a great interview, Rebecca! If you want to learn more about Rebecca and what Dynamic Visual Technologies does visit them here.

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