As a mobile app developer, we understand you’ve got A LOT on your plate. On top of building, launching, and maintaining the “perfect” app, you are typically expected to wear the hat of a data analyst and whip up actionable insights left and right.

Tracking and analyzing your app is crucial no doubt, yet if you aren’t fully confident on which KPIs to prioritize and track within your in-app analytics in the first place, then this important duty starts to feel more like a puzzling task.

You need your analytics to work for you, not for you to work for your analytics.

That’s why we’ve cooked up this necessary eBook, The Complete KPI Handbook for Mobile Apps: Measuring the right metrics for each phase of your app.

With this blueprint of the most important in-app KPIs for each phase of your app, you can spend less time digging through your analytics for answers and more time optimizing the metrics that matter and creating the best app possible.

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