This category features articles on Mobile User Interface or Mobile UI. The UI of a mobile app is about how the on-screen elements look and feel to the user. It includes everything from the color scheme the interface employs as well as the app’s response when certain buttons are pressed. UI also refers at times to the software that is resident on a smart device. For example Android’s Jellybean OS and Apple’s iOS7 both employ different UIs that look and feel very different.

Through our articles you will learn why mobile UI is such an integral part of the mobile user experience. We share with you our valuable ideas, practical tips, useful guidelines and recommended best practices regarding Mobile UI. In order to do mobile UI right, you need to dive in and analyze how exactly users are interacting and engaging with your app, and to maximize the mobile user experience by designing and presenting great UI. Increasing engagement and usability are key factors when planning a device’s user interface and it is paramount that your target audience’s user behavior is understood. Therefore, apps should be designed by those who understand user behavior and the psychology behind such behavior. A great UI can make your app while a poorly designed, non-functional mobile UI can break your app and leave it in the dust.