365Scores is an innovative sports app that allows users to get the content they actually want on their favorite sports. Users can create their very own, personalized sports feed where they can view scores, statistics, news, video highlights, tweets and so much more. From Tennis to Football, 365Scores caters to a vast sports audience, covering 10 sporting categories in over 25 languages.

365Scores has set the bar high when it comes to delivering the most relevant, personalized content. A notable leader within the sports category, 365Scores has over 15 million downloads from both app stores, is the most rated/reviewed app in Google Play Store, and is ranked as the #3 sports app worldwide.


The Challenge: Monitoring of Mobile Ad Monetization

365Scores, like many other apps, works with a mix of direct deals and ad exchanges (programmatic ads).

Despite the basic monetary value of programmatic ad monetization, these particular ads can also pose risks for an app’s user experience. No matter how much “control” an ad network deems they provide- damaging ads imminently always weasel their way through. Bad ads can elicit poor reviews, decrease engagement, retention, and affinity for an app, and also damage an app’s overall brand reputation.

Basically, mobile ad monetization issues are a matter that can only be seen and understood with one’s own eye.


The Solution: Appsee

365Scores did not want to fall prey to detrimental ads- so they turned to Appsee’s robust UX app analytics to successfully identify and block unsuitable programmatic ads.

By watching Appsee’s user session recordings from all over the world, 365Scores is able to see exactly how ads appear to their users and how an ad potentially affects the user experience. 365Scores can also seamlessly share those recordings amongst their support team, which has aided in proactive outreach and service for their users, along with an overall better support flow.

Thanks to Appsee, 365Scores has notably diminished negative reviews related to in-app ads and further fortified its UX and brand reputation.

To further explore the challenges of mobile ad monetization and how Appsee’s visualization tools can effectively restore your control, download our case study here.

Are you running in-app programmatic ads as well? You too can be proactive and no longer wait to receive a complaint from your users.


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