Coming up with the right copy can be tough. You try to be clear, concise, and witty, and to pack a strong message in a small space. You scour the internet for just the right image to go with your text – something compelling, intriguing, maybe even a little provocative. You compose your finished piece, hone it until it’s perfect, and publish – and then somebody just doesn’t understand you.

It could be that you came off a bit too strong, or that your pun wasn’t as punny as you thought, or maybe your choice of image wasn’t that wise. In any case, we’ve been in your shoes. Appsee’s ads have sometimes gotten interesting takes from viewers who totally misunderstood our message. Oops. Instead of hiding in shame, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite misinterpreted ads, just for a laugh.


This viewer had some anger issues over abandoned shopping carts, but they weren’t the ones in a mobile app – they were actual physical shopping carts that people were leaving around outside a store. Animals! We’re shaking our heads.


This person had a strong reaction to our video about user behavior analytics. The developers were only trying to understand you better, we promise!!


Our joke about user behavior analysis and psychoanalysis didn’t go down very well in this case. We’ll stay away from Freud next time.


Our app analytics platform is only designed to track user behavior, not relationship issues. We’re not that powerful.


We also recommend being extra careful handling scissors when developing mobile apps.


OK, we actually agreed with this comment.

To sum up:

We like to try to make our ads funny and interesting, even if we sometimes get an unpredictable response from users. However, even though we cringed at the misunderstandings initially, we can now look back at them and laugh. After all, if ads grab people’s attention, then something must be working well… even if they end up as a source of comic relief.


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