While many have rightly pointed out the realities of increased saturation in the mobile apps market, as well as “app fatigue” amongst users, the fact remains that tens of billions of apps are still downloaded across app stores each quarter. For companies to create mobile app experiences that stand out amidst a sea of competition, it’s imperative that mobile app usage trends are appropriately understood and leveraged during the app creation & optimization processes. Appsee and Yeti have partnered in creating this mobile app usage infographic to help your company accomplish just that!


Mobile App Usage


Why Appsee collaborates with companies like Yeti.

Yeti sets the bar high and keeps it there when it comes to developing and designing high-caliber apps.

From the innovative VR app Tiny Eye, to Chelsea Handler’s hilarious Gotta Go! app, Yeti continues to deliver exceptional user experiences and the highest quality products possible.

They also strongly believe in the importance of tracking and constantly optimizing one’s app(s). 😉

Need help building an app from scratch or interested in obtaining invaluable product strategy guidance? We highly recommend giving Yeti a whirl.

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