Back in March 2016, we wrote an insightful piece on The Next Web for the mobile professional community entitled “Mobile App UX Design: What strategies work and why.”

The response towards the piece was awesome and we loved to see the myriad of discussions it generated on social media.

Mobile app UX design is definitely no walk in the park- we get that. But it can certainly be made a bit more manageable with a core list of tactics and best practices.

That is why we have taken the initiative to partner with Y Media Labs to bring you a nifty visual resource inspired by the piece on TNW. This way you can get the biggest takeaways regarding mobile app UX design without having to spend too much of your precious time.

Bookmark it, print it out, stick it above your desk or in your backpack, whatever floats your boat. We are sure you will find it useful. 🙂



So you’ve got a pulse on the strategies for mobile app UX design in 2016- now how do you ensure that what you are doing is actually effective?

Make sure you are measuring the right KPIs and equipped with the most robust, qualitative analytics system out there. This is not to be taken lightly. Without this arsenal, you will not be able to gain actionable insights on your UX and optimize efficiently. Why implement these mobile app UX design initiatives in the first place if you don’t have a proper way to measure and assess them?


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