“Had to uninstall this app because it had annoying, full-screen ads. I couldn’t exit out of some of them! So ridiculous.”

“Worst app for kids EVER. How can they allow a sex line to be advertised on their app?!”

These are just two of the thousands of negative app reviews about bad mobile ads. What’s even scarier, is that there are many apps out there that unknowingly suffer from bad mobile ads. A negative review can help you identify which ad(s) is the source of the problem but by that time it is often too late and the damage is already done.

We are tired of this being the norm for mobile app teams and we aim to change things- for good. Below we will provide you with a break down of the types of bad mobile ads out there today and how to effectively safeguard your app and your users.

Final Cheat Sheet- Protect Your App from Bad In App Ads- HQ

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