No matter how impatient, difficult and demanding your target audience can be at times – they will always naturally crave instant gratification and adventure if the opportunity is presented to them.

This provides your iOS app with an abundance of amazing opportunity ahead.

However, to capitalize on the widespread market demand for infinitely more excitement, you have to first present your potential app audience with a “complete package” that immediately pulls their attention away from the news feeds, pings, push notifications and various other distractions that are constantly fighting for your audience’s invaluable attention.

The reality is that your audience’s attention is fleeting and scarce. You have to thoroughly work to consistently earn your audience’s attention every single day.

This is where the utilization of an app video preview in the Apple App Store can be advantageous.


The Power of Video

While having an attractive icon, seductive screenshots and a persuasive description is obviously all still very important – these are quickly becoming the bare minimum App Store product page requirements you’ll need if you hope to take your brand to the big league.

Now with the Apple App Store, you now also need a compelling video clip as well.

Here’s exactly why you should consider using a video preview for your iOS app:

  • Reading an App Store description requires that your audience exerts mental energy, unlike watching a 15 to 30 second video clip. Images are also processed 60,000x faster than text
  • Your buyers’ perception changes once they realize you’ve invested in an asset like a high-quality App Store video (you’re giving viewers value without asking for commitment)
  • You’re building rapport with prospective app users by tapping into additional senses, effectively causing them to hear your brand’s voiceover audio, and experience your app’s “vibe” in a more interpersonal setting
  • Video previews can notably help to convert more App Store onlookers into actual app users




Long story short, video is a powerful, resonating tool.

By providing your prospective app users with positive App Store video experiences, you’re helping to move them closer to the ‘Get’ button which puts not only coins in your pocket but also consistent users.

The power of using video in the App Store was actually first realized alongside the release of iOS8 on September 17th, 2014. This was a good day for app marketers and developers who are all still benefiting from a boost in SEO thanks to this video preview update.

And while an app video preview can be an exceptional feature that’s almost always worthy of your consideration, the reality is that video previews perform even better for certain audiences more so than others.

For instance, apps that involve video usage will typically benefit the most by implementing a strong video preview. Think sports streaming, video and photo editing, and media-based apps.

Displaying the in-app gameplay of a mobile game is another effective way to give people a glimpse into the real value that an app can provide.

But most importantly, if your app offers a unique angle regardless of its category, you can still reap big benefits by creating a video preview as well.

To make the most of this opportunity ahead, you should prepare to display your app’s most stunning visuals and stimulating features, while also doing everything you possibly can to connect with viewers on a deep enough level that converts.


The Creation Process

You’re about to create a miniature experience that potentially grabs the attention of thousands, possibly millions of mobile users.

So you’re going to have to reach out and pull their attention to your app preview using every advantage available.

Here’s a brief overview of the steps to follow when crafting your own App Store video preview:


Step 1) Gather the essentials

Make sure to have a Mac that’s running at least OS X Yosemite nearby, and an iPhone or iPad using iOS 8 or later. You’ll also need a Lightning connector which connects your iOS device to your Mac.


Step 2) Know the rules of the game

Go through Apple’s technical guidelines for app previews which are firmly at play here. Do your best to abide by these guidelines, they are there for a reason.


Step 3) Build a storyline

Create an entertaining storyline or script that presents your app’s features in an authentic and emotional manner. You’re attempting to make people stop whatever it is that they’re doing in order to watch your 15-30 second video here.

When preparing your video’s storyline, make sure to…

  • Speak to your audience like they’ve just arrived at your private birthday party (keep your storyline fun, quick and personal)
  • Make your audience feel an emotion or two – as you’re trying to MOVE them out of the “App Store daze” which blocks revenue from being earned
  • Guide viewers through your app’s greatest features, and show people how they’re going to benefit as a direct result of using your app
  • Prove that your app is the real star of this miniature movie, and that viewers can instantly become a part of the experience by installing your app right away

Note: During this stage, you’ll also want to search for some high-quality music which best aligns with the storyline and script of your video preview. You’ll also be able to add your own voiceover, but it’s best to record voiceovers a little bit later in the process.


Step 4) Carefully capture your footage

OK, so you’re finally ready to make a movie. Timing is crucial at this stage, so you’ll need to allocate specific time slots for each scene that you use. Once you’re ready to record, simply connect your iPhone to your Mac, and make sure that QuickTime Player is running. You’re now ready to gather all of the awesome in-app footage that will serve as the foundation for your app preview.


Step 5) Edit your video with iMovie

Now is the time to gather all of the screen recordings that you’ve captured using your QuickTime Player, and import them directly into iMovie. At this stage, you’ll be able to add titles and transitions, import the soundtrack you’ve previously decided on, and also record a voiceover.

Your main goal here is to make everything flow and progress smoothly until you have a final, professional digital product. Remember to keep your copywriting simple. It’s also important that you don’t mention external information like names, actual user accounts or third-party brands. Try to ensure that your video is as entertaining and magnetizing as you can make it using iMovie, and you should be golden.


Step 6) Review and submit

Now is the time to double-check your video file size and duration to ensure that everything is within Apple’s requirements. Once everything appears to be OK, you can drop your final product into the ‘upload’ section of your App Store product page, and hold out until your video has been approved.



As a closing inspirational thought, here are 3 excellent App Store video previews provided by Apptamin which you may find useful:

Red Bull TV

Yik Yak


On a similar note, if you simply don’t have enough time to create a video and/or would prefer to place the job in the hands of specific professionals – outsourcing your app’s entire video preview creation process has been an effective option for many mobile brands.

As you can tell from the samples listed above, displaying a high-energy, stimulating video preview can sometimes make all the difference when it comes to amplifying your app’s brand image, increasing the number of app installations you receive, and maximizing the total amount of revenue you generate.

When you ultimately need to boost your odds of success in the competitive world of mobile apps – putting together a short and effective app video preview can oftentimes give you the razor-sharp edge you’re searching for.

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