There isn’t an industry out there that’s staying in the passenger seat while eCommerce and mCommerce speed past to great destinations. The U.S. eCommerce revenue for auto parts is projected to reach $57.4B by 2019, which is a whopping $34.1B increase from 2012. Nearly 20 years into the millennium, people seek convenience above all, and going to the store to buy anything, including auto parts, is so yesteryear.   


The Germans are the designated drivers of creating top quality automobiles, which is why it comes as no surprise that the German company, Autodoc, is a leader in selling auto parts online and via mobile.


The Emphasis on Mobile Checkout

With over one million types of auto parts offered in 26 countries, Autodoc needed its mobile user purchase experience to be flawless, especially the checkout screen. A trusted European auto parts company, their customers value the quality that came with the Autodoc name. But all companies have their pain points and Autodoc experienced a bump in the road with its mobile checkout conversion. Unfortunately, the analytics tools that they had in their trunk were not adequate to analyze their users’ behaviors on a meaningful and qualitative level. Achieving the highest quality experience on a mobile checkout screen is crucial because mobile purchases are on the rise. Technically, mobile purchase rates haven’t yet surpassed desktop rates; however, the rate of mobile shopping is indeed increasing, while desktop shopping is quickly decreasing.

That said, there are still plenty of areas where a user can encounter difficulties on a checkout screen–perhaps there’s an issue entering details, or maybe a button isn’t intuitive.  


It’s Go Time

Putting the pedal to the metal, Autodoc sought out Appsee’s expertise to understand where users were encountering friction and how this affected users’ conversion.

And which tool  changed the course for Autodoc? That would be User Recordings, which allowed detailed tracking of user behavior nuances within the purchase journey. WHAT ARE USER RECORDINGS: single user, automatic events/screens, source of frustration/ability to detect confusion.  Where were users going, what actions were they taking, when and where they were dropping off of the app, and the critical Appsee question: WHY?

Pouring through the user recordings, Autodoc was able to gain insight into why users were dropping off at the payment screen. As it turned out, some users were encountering difficulties with entering a shipping address, due to a UI blunder that left some users dazed and confused. It appeared that the location and design of the button was a road less traveled, simply because it was not so intuitive to users. The Autodoc team swiftly went in and modified the design of the button. They immediately began seeing better results, such as smoother user flows, which culminated in higher conversion rates.


Take Nothing For Granted

Increasing conversion rates on a mobile commerce app can be a tricky business, but it’s also very doable with the right analytics in place. Being able to watch the user’s journey through user recordings is a game-changer, opening eyes and doors to improve the user experience and boost conversion rates. Never again will your user get all the way to the My Cart screen and simply quit the app. From this day forward, you know where users are quitting your app, and more precisely, where in their journey.

“Appsee helped me uncover usability and UI errors in our app that, if we were lucky, would typically take our team numerous hours and resources to find. Thanks to Appsee, I understand Autodoc’s users better than ever before and am constantly finding new ways to improve the app.”

Natalia Omelyanenko, Application Team Lead

Thanks to these impactful improvements, Autodoc continues to use Appsee as its go-to solution for analyzing and enhancing its user experience. Through qualitative user analytics, Autodoc could see the light at the end of the tunnel (pun intended) and the necessity of providing top-quality user experience to their users–which ultimately benefits not only the users, but also Autodoc.


We’re all in this appy world together, and at Appsee, we love seeing our clients get their app’s experience in gear. Get your app’s show on the road and give our free trial a test ride:

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