Mobile SDKs are integral to the success of any mobile app. These software development kits enable mobile app teams to build, optimize, and power up their mobile product. With adults having spent an average of 3 hours and 35 minutes per day on mobile devices in 2018 (and forecasted to surpass TV time in 2019) building a flawless mobile experience is more crucial than ever before.

Yet the mobile SDK ecosystem is a vast, saturated space. The options are practically endless, not to mention, new categories and tools are popping up constantly.

How does one go about selecting mobile SDKs for his or her app? The means of “determining” your options can vary. You’ve probably conducted at least one of these approaches:

  • Run a few google searches
  • Skim a few Quora questions
  • Flick through a SaaS directory or two
  • Ask a friend in the industry to name off a few recommendations for you

All of these initiatives are good, but they do not provide you with a sweeping, quick view of all your options (while considering your app’s unique needs).

That’s why we created this handy mobile SDK ecosystem wallpaper. Aside from looking pretty, this nifty graphic aims to package all your options in an easy, organized “map”. With a mere glance, you can assess all the available mobile SDKs in each of the industry’s fourteen most popular categories. You can save this image as your desktop background for effortless reference and/or share it with your teammates and friends.

*Click to expand or right-click to save as a HQ image*

Looking for a more detailed directory with specifics on market leaders and features? You can grab the Ultimate SDK Guide for Mobile Apps [2019 Edition].

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