Have you heard the buzz about ‘qualitative app analytics’? It’s taking the mobile analytics industry by storm and for good reason. Even Gartner and Forrester have noted its significance for the mobile world in 2017 and beyond.

Instead of relying solely on numeric data, like traditional app analytics platforms, qualitative app analytics provides mobile professionals with powerful, qualitative information on their app(s). It’s a completely revolutionary, new approach to app analytics, that enables mobile pros to fully trust their data and optimize their apps with the utmost level of accuracy.

Being a ‘relatively new’ method, we recommend capitalizing on its advantages as early as possible in order to catapult your mobile app ahead of your competitors.

That’s why we have created this course:

“Qualitative Analytics 101: How to Use Qualitative Data to Achieve Actionable App Insights”

This one-of-a-kind course will zone in on the fundamentals of qualitative analytics and how you can fully harness its power to create the most optimized mobile app possible. No data science or statistics degree needed.

Whether you are already using a qualitative app analytics tool or completely new to the concept, by the end of this course you will become a qualitative analytics champion and an overall stronger, data-driven brand.

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