This is a big no-no for any retail app. The last thing you want to do is get your user’s hopes up about their chances to snag a final product (or any product for that matter) and then for your app to crash as they are completing the checkout process. Lo and behold the user relaunches your app hoping to see that the product is still there, and to their utter disappointment it is SOLD OUT.

What are the repercussions of this crash? Unless your user is super loyal (and that might not even be enough) they will either opt to no longer complete purchases on your app and use your website instead -if you even have one- or worse, they will uninstall your app and write a bad review. At the end of the day, their user experience has been tarnished. No matter if it’s during a major SALE season or a regular day of the week, make sure your app’s checkout process is ready to handle every scenario.

Have your users been a victim of a recent checkout crash? Learn how you can effectively minimize your crash rate here.


Please Note: No LeBron James’s were harmed in the making of this meme. 

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