Within the past year and a half, mobile has skyrocketed to the top of leader-board as the most important digital platform for games. Moreover, as recently predicted by Deloitte, mobile games are projected to generate $35 billion in revenue by the end of 2016! Wow. That’s a lot of dough.

Why is this happening? A big reason is due to the fact that there is quite a low barrier to entry in the mobile games market. While a PC-based game can cost millions of dollars to produce and many years to develop, mobile games can be created in just a few hours. However, this “easy-access” is a blessing and a curse. Currently, the amount of mobile games is simply mushrooming and not predicted to slow down any time soon. Take for example the rate at which new games are launched daily- about 500 new gaming apps are released per day on a single platform.

So how do you keep your gaming app up to pace with this rapidly exploding market?

Pinpoint and measure the right KPIs.

That is why we have created this handy cheat sheet for you to make sure your app is and remains in tip-top shape.

Tape this up above your desk, print it out and put it in your pocket, whatever works for you!

So here it is: The Top KPIs to Measure in Your Gaming App.

gaming app KPIs


Once you have pinned down the top KPIs to measure in your gaming app, make sure that you continue to optimize your UX. To help you out, we’ve also got a stellar list of the best UX tips.


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