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Latest Gartner Report Includes Appsee as an Industry Leader

In the latest Gartner report – Market Guide for Mobile App Analytics – the current state of the mobile analytics industry is delineated and various vendors are highlighted. Gartner recognizes it can be difficult for mobile professionals to find the right tool given the fact that are many vendors in the industry. Therefore, Gartner devised  a list of the top industry vendors and their various functions to help application leaders execute a successful mobile plan.

In the report, Gartner differentiates between operations analytics and behavioral analytics (qualitative analytics). They also note the importance of having a robust set of mobile analytics tools to help app’s achieve their greatest success.

Behavioral analytics also known as qualitative analytics adds a visual, qualitative layer of insights to quantitative data. With this type of analytics one can watch user session recordings or view touch heatmaps to see how users are actually interacting within an app. This is data that cannot be gathered with traditional analytics tools. This data helps professionals find opportunities to optimize the user experience and troubleshoot any issues with the app.

Appsee is mentioned along with other leading companies such as Adobe, Localytics, and Mixpanel. However, Appsee stands out for it’s quality of in screen heat maps, session replay (user session recordings) and symbolicated crash reporting.

Zahi Boussiba, CEO of Appsee said: “As we’ve grown we continually see new and more interesting use cases that highlight the importance of qualitative analytics. From app’s using the basic functions of the touch heatmaps and user session recordings to A/B testing entire screens and user journeys.”

Along with the Gartner report, Appsee was mentioned recently in the Forrester reportVendor Landscape: Mobile Analytics Vendors You Should Know –  which also highlighted the importance of including visual, qualitative data in conjunction with other traditional analytics tools. Both reports showcase the importance of behavioral analytics and how it cannot be ignored in 2017 app analytic strategies.
To read the full Gartner report, download your copy here.

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