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Practically every app in today’s mobile ecosystem is utilizing Google Analytics for gathering quantitative data on their app. When it comes to obtaining extensive, numerical insights on one’s app, Google Analytics sets the industry standard.

But what if it was possible to take the powerful, quantitative data and reporting capabilities from Google Analytics, and add an extra layer of qualitative understanding?

Now you can, thanks to Google Analytics for Mobile App’s integration with Appsee’s qualitative analytics.

What does this integration entail? Basically, it will enable you to watch real user session recordings of your app’s users that have been segmented by certain actions and events within your Google Analytics reports. Say for example that you would like to visualize the in-app behavior of users who triggered the “Pay Now” button within your app. With Appsee’s robust user recording technology, you can see every action and interaction these specific users performed within your app, thus allowing you to directly examine purchase styles and preferences of your real users. Once paired with Google’s comprehensive reports, these crucial, visual insights can empower you to dive deep into your app’s user experience and optimize your app with the utmost accuracy and confidence.

google analytics with appsee

To top it off, the integration is easily accessible for all current Appsee clients. Within a few minutes, you can complete the implementation and begin filtering your Google Analytics data into the most actionable insights.

To learn more about how to activate this exceptional integration for your Appsee account, click here. Your Customer Success representative is also available to answer any questions you might have.

Want to experience this integration for yourself but don’t have an Appsee account? No problem. You can try out our Free Trial and grasp the power of this integration in less than 5 minutes.

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