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The most recent Forrester report covers the mobile analytics landscape and various vendors in the industry to help professionals pick the most suitable technology. It addresses the challenges in the industry and reviews the current companies. The report also emphasizes the importance of using multiple tools to give a more holistic analytics picture.

The report covers a wide variety of tools in the mobile industry and emerging genres in mobile analytics such as qualitative analytics. Qualitative analytics can go by a variety of names such as visual analytics, UX analytics, mobile interaction analytics yet they are all interchangeable. Forrester recognizes the importance of this new and upcoming genre and the layer of data is gives vendors.

Qualitative analytics show a visual layer of data through user session recordings and touch heatmaps. This data is not shown with traditional analytic tools and shows vendors how users are actually behaving within the app as well as crashes and why they are occurring. This data helps professionals pinpoint opportunities to optimize the user experience and troubleshoot any issues within the app.

Mentioned in this new category is Appsee, who is the leading platform in qualitative analytics. Appsee’s technology enables developers and product managers to watch specific user session recordings, examine crash videos and optimize their UI with touch heatmaps. Appsee not only provides these robust visual tools, but also supplies mobile teams with actionable insights regarding retention, user journeys, usage, and conversion funnels. Appsee provides a visual layer of data to take a mobile team’s analytics to a new level.

Zahi Boussiba, CEO of Appsee said: “We’ve seen more and more use cases which show the importance of qualitative analytics. Developers and product managers are able to use visual analytics differently from testing the visual context behind app crashes to why specific users dropped out of a funnel. We are continually amazed to see clients find new uses for Appsee analytics.”

The Forrester report emphasizes the necessity of using multiple tools. We recognize this need that  qualitative analytics should be used in conjunction with other analytic tools.

What You’ll Learn:

  • There is sadly no one tool that rules them all.
  • There are many layers to mobile analytics which include data management, analytics, and optimization.
  • To keep users engaged, you need analytics.

Download the report for the full analysis of the mobile analytics industry.

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