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At Appsee, we are always looking for ways to expand our high-caliber arsenal of capabilities. Given our firm mission, we recently joined forces with two leading SDKs: Optimizely, an A/B testing platform, and AppsFlyer attribution analytics.

Via these valuable integrations, you are able to combine our powerful UX analytics with crucial insights and data from these two SDKs, ultimately extending your ability to refine and maximize your A/B testing and attribution initiatives.

To get started with these integrations, all it takes is a simple snippet of code. You can find guides for both of these integrations here.

Below, we will break down the major takeaways from each integration.

Analyzing A/B Testing Results with Optimizely:

Thanks to the automatic tagging of your active Optimizely experiments and test screens, you will be able to streamline the testing process by:

  • Filtering user recordings to watch videos of specific experiments and variations, and assess the tests’ successes and failures
  • Analyzing touch heat maps of every screen variation and identify popular calls to action, unresponsive gestures, etc.
  • Creating conversion funnels for every variation, to analyze how users advance through the funnel for every test variation



Analyzing Attribution Data with AppsFlyer:

You will be able to see how users from different campaigns interact with your app, and understand how to optimize your campaigns and funnels to increase your marketing ROI by:

  • Combining AppsFlyer attribution data with Appsee session data in your Appsee dashboard
  • Filtering user recordings on the dashboard based on AppsFlyer attribution data
  • Aggregating AppsFlyer attribution data within the Appsee dashboard




Ultimately, Optimizely and AppsFlyer have both set the bar in their respective fields, thus we see these partnerships as instinctive and winning combinations.

We look forward to seeing you harness powerful insights from these integrations.


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