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We are pleased to announce that our leading UX Analytics SDK is officially live on Fabric by Twitter, the innovative developer toolset focused on tackling the variety of challenges that app developers encounter when creating an app. Fabric aims to expedite the SDK research process for developers by thoughtfully selecting the most fundamental and top-rated SDKs for creating the best app. Fabric has chosen Appsee as the best choice for app UX analysis.

Thanks to Fabric’s unique toolset, developers can easily install Appsee’s UX Analytics SDK via a simple one-click installation. Appsee’s SDK, together with the other SDKs provided within Fabric, will ultimately allow app developers to streamline the range of processes required for a successful app development.

Appsee Fabric

Appsee Brings to Fabric a Deeper Understanding of UX and User Behavior

It can be extremely challenging to accurately measure and understand app user behavior through mountains of data. With our unparalleled User Recordings, Touch Heatmaps and Real-Time In-App Analytics, developers can see their app through their users’ eyes, clearly visualize the user experience, and streamline the app optimization process. These features provide valuable qualitative and quantitative insights that assist with troubleshooting user experience issues and thoroughly understanding why users take certain actions. By improving the UX, developers will benefit from an increase in engagement, conversions and in-app purchases. No more guesswork when it comes to understanding and optimizing your user experience- now that’s something to get excited about!

To get started with Appsee UX Analytics and see the unique value we provide our customers, you are welcome to create a free trial account here.

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