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The Appsee team is thrilled to announce our recent partnership with Fabric by Twitter, an innovative developer toolset focused on tackling the diverse challenges that app developers encounter.

Fabric Toolset – Effectively Build and Optimize your App

Earlier today, senior Twitter executive, Rich Paret, GM Developer Platform, commented regarding the important expansion of Fabric’s toolset:  “We’re excited to partner with these world-class services to help developers build amazing apps with Fabric.  Twitter Fabric is trusted by developers worldwide to help them build and grow their apps and we’re looking forward to having these partners be part of the platform”.

Fabric is the most seamless way to install and manage your SDKs. Twitter has thoughtfully selected the best-in-class SDKs readily accessible in one central place to streamline the app creation and optimization. The SDKs that you integrate from Fabric’s collection can also be updated to their latest versions with a single click. Furthermore, Fabric supports popular dependency managers for both iOS and Android, so you can spend less time managing your SDKs and more time building your app.

Twitter Fabric


Appsee SDK is Listed in Fabric – Deliver the Ultimate User Experience

Appsee is Fabric’s esteemed selection for app user experience (UX) analytics. Now you can easily install our app UX Analytics SDK (among other SDKs) via a simple one-click installation. With our unparalleled features, including User Recordings, Touch Heatmaps, and Real-Time In-App Analytics, Appsee focuses on providing unique visual insights that truly assist with understanding and refining the user experience. Maximizing the user experience utilizing our app UX Analytics is one of the key components provided within Fabric’s valuable toolkit to ultimately build the most optimized app.


Check out Fabric’s valuable toolkit and get going on creating an all-around fantastic app!

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