Following Apple’s recently updated policies, we are pleased to share with you our new comprehensive solution for visualizing in-app user behavior on iOS.

Moving forward, we will be offering two options for iOS app session replay. We have received confirmation of multiple successful app submissions with both of the options below.

Option 1: Wireframe Replay™ SDK (v2.5.0)

We’re excited to introduce Appsee’s Wireframe Replay™ solution, which enables app developers to visualize in-app behavior without recording the app’s screen.

Appsee’s Wireframe Replay™ technology reconstructs the session by drawing rectangles and texts in a way that reflects the app’s actual screen layout. You can see an example session with Wireframe Replay™ here, and the corresponding video recorded session here.

Wireframe Replay™ is currently supported for Native, React Native and Xamarin apps.

Wireframe Replay SDK


iOS Wireframe Replay instructions


Option 2: Screen Recording SDK with Explicit User Consent & Visual Indication

This new Appsee SDK is a revised version of our original video recording SDK. It uses screenshots to capture the in-app display and as per Apple’s Developer Review Guidelines, forces explicit user consent via a popup message. It also presents a continuous visual recording indicator in the top left corner of the app’s screen.

As we want to ensure this feature is implemented correctly, you’ll need to get in touch with our support team or with your customer success manager to make use of this SDK.


user recording with consent



We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support during these last few weeks and we look forward to continue working with you in delivering exceptional app experiences to your users.

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