Monitor every metric change in your mobile app with alerts via email, Slack, or SMS.

An app can change in the blink of an eye. One moment an app can have a fantastic completion rate on its ‘Login’ screen, the next moment that rate can plummet due to a sneaky bug. In-app issues happen- the difference is whether mobile app professionals can catch the problems before they cause notable damage to their app.

But what mobile professional today has time to sit in front of their analytics dashboard, all day, everyday, waiting to catch a bug, crash, or design flaw?

That is why Appsee App Analytics has created real-time mobile app alerts. Appsee’s real-time alerts allow mobile pros to proactively monitor their app without having to spend hours in front of an analytics dashboard.

With these best in class alerts, mobile professionals can track essential metrics such as crash rates on specific screens, session length decreases, or conversion funnel drop-offs. Each alert will contain a specific URL that will link directly to the statistic in question within one’s Appsee analytics account. Mobile pros can choose to receive these real-time alerts via SMS, email, or even the Appsee Slack app. These are also the first mobile app alerts in the industry to cover both KPIs and performance issues such as crashes.


slack appsee mobile app alerts
Example of Appsee alerts in Slack for retention metrics.


As mobile app professionals begin to adopt a more lean approach to app analytics and prioritize only the data they need in order to make effective decisions, Appsee’s mobile app alerts can serve as a particularly relevant, practical tool.

“Appsee’s alerts help mobile professionals embrace a truly ‘data driven’ mentality,” Yoni Douek, CTO of Appsee explains. “It’s like a hack for your analytics workflow. They are a huge time saver, when it comes to understanding and utilizing your data. And when paired with Appsee’s qualitative insights, Appsee’s alerts allow you to fix issues quickly and accurately.”

Below are some additional examples of what these unique alerts look like in action:

appsee mobile app alerts email


appsee mobile app alerts sms




To see Appsee’s real-time alerts in action, right now, you can grab a free trial with Appsee.


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