The marketing world is abuzz with the topic of Generation Z, the new target generation that has come after the Millenials. They may be young but they are the new emerging generation with huge purchasing power, and engaging with them in the right ways is crucial to the success of any app. It’s not exactly clear where one generation ends and the next begins, but what’s for certain is that there are some key differences about these generations and some that are worth paying attention to if your target audience is Generation Z. The main differences between the two generations are as follows:

1) Generation Z is all about technology. They may be jaded from overusing traditional social media and messaging services, but they are adept at new technologies. While Millenials are tech savvy, Generation Z has actually grown up with touch screens and swiped a touchscreen before they even learned to walk. They are very comfortable around technology and always have multiple devices at hand.

2) Generation Z is more money conscious and selective about what they do online because they grew up with technology and the Internet embedded in their daily lives. Millenials were known as over-consumers who were sucked into excessive consumption online.

3) Generation Z is independent and wants to do its own thing. 61% of Gen Zs would rather start their own business than work for someone else. Generation Z are unique and fiercely independent: engaging with them requires a change of tactics compared to Millenials.

So, how do you successfully reach this new generation? There are a number of recommendations and tip lists out there. To help you out, we have taken the time to compose the most important practices for understanding and successfully engaging Generation Z:


Take them seriously!

They might be young now but they are the upcoming generation, and they have enough money and buying power to demand your undivided attention. Their lifetime value for your company is huge, and they also have a great deal of power over their parents buying habits. Be aware that Generation Z is here and is significantly different from the generations that came before.


Figure out which social media platforms reach your target audience.

Your Generation Z users probably won’t be on Facebook and Whatsapp like Millenials are. They are much more likely to be using image and video based social media networks like Snapchat and Instagram. Do some thorough research into their social media preferences and attitudes before you begin expensive social media campaigns.


Focus on fan based communities and creations.

When it comes to Generation Z, it’s all about getting people involved. Community based branding and activities are much more interesting than traditional types of media, and enthusiasm is best transmitted through peers and not through flashy ads.


Make you brand stand out.

The internet is an overwhelming place and Generation Z are becoming an increasingly selective bunch. To reach them you need to have an excellent brand with a compelling story and great content. Move away from fluff pieces and focus on engaging content that is relevant to Generation Z. A great example of a brand that is successfully reaching out to Generation Z is McDonald’s. They have begun to tap into the social networks of Generation Z, such as Snapchat with their geofilters, and move away from traditional marketing channels.


Be succinct.

Generation Z is a fast paced group with no time to spare for long boring stories or irrelevant content. Make sure your pitch is direct, compelling and to the point, or Generation Z will likely get bored and uninstall your product.


Be global.

The world is ever more interconnected and international. To interest and engage with Generation Z you need to be a global company with global content. Focusing on local cultures and needs simply isn’t enough to engage with this globetrotting generation. New memes and Youtube videos are going viral from all corners of the world and spreading content across the globe.


Pay attention to Generation Z when it comes to design.

Generation Z is changing the way we think about design. They are forward thinking realists and the way they see the world influences the way the apps they use should be built and marketed. Apps for Generation Z should be centered around concise, distinct messages, less fluff and compelling visuals. Any app UX that aims to engage with Generation Z should be a smooth and technologically superior experience. ShowMobile is one example of a hugely successful Generation Z app that you may never have heard of. It’s a mobile and social storytelling app for Generation Z and focuses on compelling stories with great visual content. There are a number of other great Generation Z apps out there that it are worth taking a look at including YikYak and Kik.


If your target market is Generation Z, it’s important to understand the nuances of this new generation. They can be a powerful force within any business if you connect with them, but they are unlikely to give second chances when it comes to apps. If an app is clumsy or annoying, chances are they will not hesitate to delete it. You really only get one shot to succeed with Generation Z, so make sure you are well prepared.


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