With app store search being the primary way users find and install mobile apps, optimizing the mobile app listing for your target niche audience is absolutely critical.

ASO or app store optimization can include all of the following: crafting an app listing’s elements including the app name, keywords, description, screenshots and icon for visibility, discovery by your target audience, and conversion from listing view to install.

Essentially, effective app store optimization helps connect your app with your target audience by positioning your app listing for discovery when your target user is searching the app store.

Let’s say you are creating a children’s app. There are a lot of apps for kids out there and you will need to have a clear strategy. First, you must define the audience and age range, define the essential and differentiating features, consider who is performing the actual searches (parents?), and research the patterns in which these audiences might be conducting their search.

But that’s just the start- to help you have an even better understanding of what successful app store optimization entails, ASO tool Gummicube has provided a valuable infographic for iOS apps, noting 7 essential steps for optimizing a mobile app in Apple’s App Store. This handy resource can apply to a children’s app or any niche app for that matter.





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