There’s a lot of talk surrounding React Native apps and if React Native is “good to learn”. Not to sugar coat, we’ll be honest about React Native here. A framework created by a software engineer at Facebook, React Native comes with pros and cons, as all frameworks do. But as with learning any new frameworks , learning the “right” material and in the “right” way can have a huge effect on the outcome of the mobile product. The following resources will take you straight to the source–providing you with an unbiased, extensive list of learning tools for React Native apps. From specific tutorials to unique forum questions to impartial blog posts, there’s definitely something here for you.


We handpicked these two React Native app courses: one for beginners and one complete course for iOS & Android.

35 Resources React Native Apps 1

The Complete React Native and Redux Course

Create Your First React Native App


Another online learning site, here are two additional beginner/intermediate courses for building React Native apps from scratch.

Learn to Build Mobile Apps with React Native

React 16.6 – The Complete Guide (incl. React Router & Redux)

Facebook Groups

These groups are your go-to places for asking questions, finding out about events, and connecting with others in the React Native community. We picked these communities specifically because we found the conversations to be quality and the advice sound.

35 Resources React Native Apps 2


React Native Developer Community

React Native – Queries and Mobile Apps Development


Instead of always stationing yourself in front of a screen, listen to these React Native-focused discussions and informative sessions as you go about your day.

35 Resources React Native Apps 3

React Native Radio

React Round Up

React Podcast


This list would be incomplete without the official GitHub source for building React Native mobile apps.

React Native: Learn and build


This community is filled with all the questions and answers you are likely seeking, including honest critical feedback, but also encouraging discussions about how to get started with React Native apps.

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Topic: React Native

Why are some people disappointed by React Native?

What is the best way to start learning React Native?


Here we picked a variety of videos, including a full-length React Native conference and three tutorials.

React Conference 2018

Learn React – React Crash Course 2018 – React Tutorial with Examples

React Native Tutorial 4: Hello World

Build React Native Chat App In 30 Minutes


Get out from behind the screen, and get face-to-face with other React Native developers at different meetups around the world. The following list contains some of the top-rated meetups worldwide.

35 Resources React Native Apps 5

Topic: React Native

React NYC

San Diego JavaScript Community

Real World React

React & React Native – Israel


The forum that’s notorious for its candor, this subreddit is where you’ll get the most honest feedback on anything related to React Native.


Stack Overflow

Every dev’s favorite forum, we chose a few key questions to get the gears turning (from the most general to very specific questions). We also recommend following some of the profiles that have answered these questions- they are pretty active when it comes to giving advice on React Native apps and mobile app development in general.

35 Resources React Native Apps 6

What is the difference between React Native and React?

How can I build Android apps with react native?

How to do logging in React Native?

How do you debug React Native?

Hide keyboard in react-native


For those of you who “have time” to read something for more than 2 minutes , these are 6 of our favorite React Native blogs–filled with great writing, useful insights, and interesting findings.

The Good and the Bad of ReactJS and React Native

11 React Native Component Libraries You Should Know in 2019

React Native – How Native Have You Been?

React Native Issues You (Will) Face Daily

Developing Multi-Slider-Switch in React Native

25 React Native Tutorials

Once your app is built and off to its new home in Google Play or the App Store, your product is nowhere near “final”.  

Check out how top mobile teams with React Native apps are using Appsee analytics to continually optimize and monitor in-app performance.

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    React Native runs on multiple threads, which are interconnected and synced with each other. It is not just a product made by one company – it’s a community of thousands of developers. It lets you build mobile application with its declarative programming model, and that makes React Native awesome. The resources in this article are amazing. I really found this article an interesting one and would like to read more articles from your side.

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