That’s a good question. Thanks to our newest salary report, we got some interesting results.

A few weeks ago, we anonymously surveyed 2,300 mobile product managers* from all over the globe about their annual salary. They also answered secondary factors such as their region, years of experience, official title, and app category.

The entire survey was solely geared towards mobile. Some results match industry assumptions and Glassdoor input, while others might totally surprise you. When sharing the data, we made our best effort to display the results in a compelling and digestible manner.

Since this first of its kind survey will be an annual research initiative, we hope to continue to gather and analyze unique input from mobile product managers in the years to come.

The results from this survey also raise an interesting question: “Are the majority of mobile product managers underpaid?”

Want to check out the complete survey results?  You can grab your own, free copy of the report below.



*If you participated in the survey, we want to extend our sincerest gratitude. Your input helped make this unique report possible. 🙂

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