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You just finished testing your Mobile App, both for bugs and user experience issues. You are about to launch. You know there are certain metrics that you need to measure. Many app publishers measure one metric and that is downloads. While that is good, this is way too general. Measuring downloads per country, region, language, etc. Now, that is a true KPI but it is just an example.

Below are some KPIs you need to measure in order to ensure mobile app success.

App Usage
Sure. You can have thousands, even hundreds of thousands of downloads. But, if your app is not being used, what’s the point? When a large portion of downloaders translate into considerable usage times, you can pretty much say you have a successful app. Whatever your app is set out to do. Whether it is for finding the best doctor for your kids, killing time consuming content about nature, or ordering from a restaurant, usage is a key indicator you should be measuring.

But, even going beyond usage, a key element to track is how are they are using it. Where are they from? What are the languages they speak? When are they using it? What devices are they using it on? What operating systems? What is the user flow throughout the app?

Length of Session
This KPI is key in measuring user sessions. When someone opens an app while on line at a checkout counter and opens an app on the train on the way home, there is a huge difference as far as engagement. When you comprehend this key KPI, you can strategize based on the depth of the user’s engagement within your app. Your app needs to be compelling and sticky. What you learn from this KPI will empower you to create an app that sticks and translates to user sessions that are longer in duration.

Loading Times
11918_loading-628x250People on mobile usually have less patience than those sitting at a desktop. When your app takes too long to load, it might just find it’s way to the trash bin and have another app replace it. Attention spans on mobile are short. Studies suggest that longer than 3 seconds time for an app to load is too long. Ensuring your app is quick and focusing on the most necessary features in key in winning over users and keeping them engaged. This is priority.


Image source: arstechnica.

Acquiring Users
A very important KPI to measure is how your users found your app. Via the app store? Your website? An affiliate web site? Word of mouth? Your users originally were drawn to your app for certain reasons and from certain outlets. By utilizing this KPI, you will know the best way to reach your target in the context of user acquisition.

App Reviews

app-reviewsThis KPI is one that is often passed over and it is a huge mistake. Your users are basically telling you what is good and what is wrong with your app. Take notice of their advice! Basically, they are doing much of your work for you. By monitoring this KPI which includes reviews, ratings and comments which are usually posted right up there on the app store, you can strategize and continue optimizing your app to create the ultimate mobile user experience.

Please feel free to comment in the section below What KPIs do you utilize for measuring mobile app success? Please share. Check back here soon for more mobile insights.

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