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measureThe mobile landscape today is so vast and varied. It is one that is reshaping the way people buy, sell, trade, book, reserve, watch. You get the idea. Mobile has inspired consumers to become more engaged with brands. This has led to app publishers demanding better tools in order to measure user value.

With a comprehensive mobile app analytics strategy, app owners can overcome the challenges of monitoring the in-app behavior of their users. This is imperative in gaining insight into the mobile user experience, user behavior and devising your optimization strategy.

Below we have included a list of metrics that you need to measure in order to study and create an app optimization roadmap. Hence, improving the mobile user experience.

User Experience
By drilling down into how users are interacting with your app, you can dedicate your attention to the reasons for why users are behaving the way they are. By looking at the metrics related to how many users are dropping off of certain screens of your app, not continuing to check out when in a certain section of your app and seeing where they are getting stuck, you can dig into the why and devise a strategy to removing the friction points in the user experience.

Let’s take an example. You realize that customers when on a certain screen are not proceeding to checkout. By utilizing a combination of recordings of actual user sessions and touch heat maps, you notice that people are clicking on an image that they are mistaking for a call to action. They keep clicking on it thinking that it will take them somewhere, but it is just an image. Forgetting about their full cart of merchandise, they become frustrated with the app not doing what they “thought” it should do, and all of a sudden the cart doesn’t matter and they just drop the app entirely.

User Engagement

By utilizing in-app analytics you will see actual sessions happening in real time. Users that are engaged interact a great deal, move around within your app, they check out different areas, click on buttons. This element of analysis will provide you with insight as to what features need improvement and what functionality is pretty much ignored by the user which will allow you to do away with it entirely.

The different aspects of user engagement may or may not include:

  • Number of actions that users took during a session
  • The tasks the were completed such as photos uploaded, songs/videos listened to/viewed
  • The behavior of different demographics on certain screens

and more. Much more.

User Flow
By analyzing the user flow you are able to identify the friction points in your funnel. Everything from registration, the shopping cart checkout process, lead generation – basically it is the courses of action that users take to accomplish a goal.

funnelTo analyze the user flow within your funnels, you need to know a few measurements of current rates such as:

  • Conversion Rates

How many of your users percentage wise convert on your registration page?


  • Dropoff Rates

In your funnel there are different stages. At every stage of this funnel some users drop off. Do they drop off at the download stage? Perhaps they drop off when having to answer a specific question? The key is to analyze how many users drop off and at what stages before you optimize your funnel.

  • Actions performed by the users within the app 

By analyzing the actions taken by users on specific screens, you will gain insight into what exactly is causing friction in their experience. Perhaps they are clicking on an image they perceive to be a call to action, get frustrated and leave the app. Perhaps they come to a particular content screen and leave. Maybe the content is not of interest to them. This will empower you to analyze what content you are serving to your users.

These are just a few of the metrics you need to measure in order to create an engaging mobile user experience. We know there are more. Many more. What metrics do you feel are important to analyze and why? What elements of mobile app analytics have helped you optimize the user experience? Please feel free to chime in with your comments below. Come back soon for more insights from the mobile frontier.

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